Human capital

The men and women of Artelia are a cornerstone of the group’s approach to social responsibility, far beyond only complying with labour law and statutory dialogue between management and employees.


Employability, dialogue

Artelia strives to develop employment. 160 new jobs were created in 2011, representing a 6% increase. Many of these new positions were created in Artelia’s international offices, strengthening diversity within the group. Our group also aimsto provide stable employment opportunities.


Artelia supports the personal development of its staff members through an ambitious training plan (approx. 2.5 to 3% of total payroll) in line with the company’s own development in order to guarantee their employability and strengthen the organisation’s ability to adapt itself. Sustainable development approaches and issues are included in all our training courses.


To maintain dialogue with its staff members,the group focuses onthree areas: providing each employee with an annual interview, bolstering opportunities for career development and

mobility within the group, and offering attractive working conditions.


Health and Safety

Health and safety are key issues.They are called into play during our business trips, in our offices and during our field assignments, and are often specific to each activity. A health and safety policy has been formalised at group level. The indicators related to accidents during working time are already highly satisfactory (frequency rate 5.12 and severity rate 0.1).


Special attention is paid to psychosocial risks. Today’s advanced means of communications, ever-shortening lead times and increasingly fierce competition on our markets can be major causes of stress for our employees. Two studies were nevertheless launched in collaboration with a firm of specialists. They will be followed up by preventive action plans.


Gender equality

Gender equality is also one of our key concerns. The percentage of women within the company has increased substantially and now stands at 36%. However, the under-representation of women in management-level positions is still weighed down by historical factors: engineering has traditionally been perceived as a man’s profession. Our first action is to monitor the increase in the numbers of women in management positions along with their percentage within the staff by age range. We also feel it is important to help female employees overcome the barriers that can affect their professional development.


Employment of young and older workers

The employment of young and older workers is also a strategic issue. By the very nature of its activity, Artelia helps many young people take their first steps in their careers (through internships, PhD theses, first jobs, the VIE programme and apprenticeships). Internships are governed by a coherent compensation policy and provide genuine training. Aninternship, apprenticeship or VIE programme placement is often a first step towards being employed by the group. From this perspective, mentoring offers a means of building bridges between the generations. It is also important to keep older workers in the company because our professions require a high level of expertise.





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