Our CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) combines all of Artelia’s values. It is at the heart of our strategy and gives purpose to our business lines. It is materialised in the skills of the men and women who work at Artelia, whose mission is to imagine, design, and develop more efficient, harmonious and sustainable cities and regions. Our passion is to put our knowledge, intelligence and diversity at the service of our clients to design value-added solutions with them.

By implementing a proactive CSR policy and promoting eco-design as part of our clients’ projects, we are reasserting our social and environmental commitment in our constant search for improvement.



  • Governance (ethics): exemplarity is the goal set by Artelia’s executive management, drawing on its values and a strong ethical commitment.
  • ​​Business lines: our real opportunity is to put our vast range of skills in the field of sustainable development at the service of our clients’ projects.
  • Internal practices: in addition to offering clients genuine means of action, we must also behave in an exemplary manner ourselves, to reduce our carbon footprint and make the vital link with our employees’ wellbeing.
  • Civil society: being open to the various interested parties in various ways lies at the heart of the actions we offer our employees and is rewarding for everyone involved.     

OUR CSR approach

The CSR approach is one of the components of Artelia’s Management System (SMART). In this way, the group’s objectives, actions and indicators are defined and published regularly. Our network of correspondents and technical leads have a major role to play to ensure that this approach is fully embraced by our teams and used in our business activities. Artelia’s annual report includes a section that summarises all our accomplishments relating to CSR.


Our internal communication on this topic is based on the intranet site and two internal events, one dedicated to CSR aspects, the other to occupational health & safety issues.


The Risks and Management System Department (RMSD) is in charge of coordinating and managing these themes in collaboration with other Group management departments.


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