Risk management

Risk management is essential to Artelia’s sustainability and development, the safeguarding of its profitability and the employee shareholding scheme. The risks managed are those faced by the company, its employees, its clients and stakeholders. Risk management is an essential component of the group’s Management System.


Effective risk management is the result of close cooperation between business units and support service departments.


Each business unit and support service department is responsible for managing the risks inherent to their respective assignments (contractual risks in its activity sectors, human risks, financial risks, legal risks, risks of lost data, brand image risks, etc.).


The Risk Management Department has been set up to encourage anticipation and prevention. In conjunction with the business units and support service departments, it produces and regularly updates a map of risks, taking into account changes in the types of risks encountered and the ways in which the group’s exposure to risks should be analysed.


It is in charge of submitting action plans to the group’s Executive Management team and of following up implementation of the actions selected on a regular basis.





present the group’s risk management policy and its achievements to stakeholders if when necessary.
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