Key figures

While the economic environment was uncertain in many parts of the world, Artelia once again recorded sound results in 2015, creating a promising basis for future development. Business continued to grow, with a turnover of €439m. The Group’s operating income rose by 8% to reach €17.7m. These solid results are an incentive to develop the Group faster on an international level and with regard to major multidisciplinary projects, two key strategic areas for all of Artelia’s staff.


The group’s full-time staff members currently exceed 4,000 divided at more than 80 sites: 39 offices in France and 35 international offices.

breakdown of Projects France / Internationally


International activity (total activity for export projects and by subsidiaries) represents 30% of the group’s fees.





breakdown of Public / private sectors

Artelia’s clients come from the public sector (government departments, local authorities, international funding agencies, etc.) as well as the private sector (industries, developers, construction companies, banks, etc.). In 2016, private-sector projects represented 54% of turnover.



Breakdown of international turnover

The European activity represents 45% of Artelia’s international turnover thanks to its presence in 16 European countries. Africa (largely the Maghreb countries), Asia (mainly Vietnam), and the Middle East are other areas in which the group is strongly represented.  


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