Our strategy

Artelia is aiming for regular, sustained growth in order to meet the changing requirements of its clients as well as to foster the professional development of its staff members.

Quality growth

  • Basing our independence on shareholder structure.
  • Building a truly international group.
  • Attracting talent in all fields, from all educational backgrounds and cultures.
  • Pursuing a determined policy of research, development and innovation
  • Developing the capacity to handle major infrastructure projects as well as expertise as multi-specialists in specific niche areas where we are recognised leaders.
  • Being sought after for assignments that are complex on account of the issues involved, their size or content and being preferred on account of the quality of our services for more ordinary assignments.
  • Strengthening our range of services for our key accounts.
  • In certain cases, committing ourselves along with our clients in the context of turnkey operations and PPPs, with transparent risk management.
  • Developing our services in new sectors of activity, while adopting the same approach based on strong niche skills.
Une croissance de qualité

LE PARTITIO – Ivry sur Seine – Architecte : JM WILMOTTE

Missions complexes

politique de recherche, de développement et d'innovation.
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