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27 September 2017

Artelia is a partner of “thecamp”, Europe’s first campus dedicated to emerging technology and social innovation

Located in Aix-en-Provence, thecamp will open its doors on 28 September. Now the physical construction phase for the “base camp” designed to explore solutions for the future has been completed, the “human” construction of its ecosystem can come into its own.


Developed like an open-air experimentation facility, this futuristic campus is the place where emerging innovations and technologies are constantly being demonstrated, used and tested by the campers in real-life conditions before being rolled out on a larger scale.


In order to help the campus achieve its ambition, a group of entrepreneurs who share this desire to build collectively a more sustainable future with enhanced human interaction are contributing their know-how, products or services to this extraordinary playing field. The goal is to transform regions and to explore social innovations thanks to positive-impact projects that build bridges between the different players involved in innovation.



© Corinne Vezzoni et Associés Architecte for thecamp – Golem Images



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