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26 September 2017

ISAE is inaugurating its new aero-acoustic wind tunnel, the only facility of its kind in Europe!

ISAE-SUPAERO appointed Artelia to design and build a new aero-acoustic wind tunnel that is larger, more modern and versatile and with better performance than other existing facilities, in order to meet the needs of the aeronautics industry. Unique in Europe, it is used to take aerodynamic or acoustic measurements, in an open or closed test section.

In association with its partners, Jacobs Technologie, Bouygues and Cabinet Séquences (architects), Artelia adopted a range of innovative solutions to combine the different functions required while offering a very flexible operation adapted to the needs of scientists, involving in particular:

  • retractable flooring, enabling the scale models placed 3.9 m above the floor to be accessed in a few minutes. The flooring disappears completely into the walls to restore the acoustic characteristics of the anechoic chamber;
  • design and construction of discrete resources allowing scientists to perform “3D” scans of the acoustic signature of the scale model tests, and supply of the associated instrumentation.
  • devices managed with a control-monitoring system that adjusts the wind speed by regulating the motor fan and the air-cooling system in the circuit, involving an interface with the control and acquisition system of the measuring equipment.

The team in charge of the project was awarded the 2016 Midi-Pyrénées Engineering Prize.


This project is perfectly in line with the development strategy of Artelia, the leading independent engineering firm in France, which, through its turnkey projects, is confirming its position as a partner of choice for clients looking for a provider of high-quality integrated services.


The Artelia Group is proud to have successfully completed this flagship project, which was initiated in 2014, thereby placing ISAE at the pinnacle of aero-acoustic research in Europe, in particular in the field of aeronautics.




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