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Artelia consolidates its position as France’s leading independent engineering firm with turnover up 8% to 439 million euros | 30 May 2017



DUO-PARIS Project: breaking ground 


Artelia mobilises its multidisciplinary teams for the construction of the Duo towers, which are at the heart of the Paris Left Bank project |
18 May 2017



Intertecno merges into Artelia Italia


The birth of a major player of the Italian Project Management and Engineering design sector | 2nd January 2017



energy performance contract' (CPE)

Anne Hidalgo visits Damrémont school that has benefited from Paris energy performance contract | 24 November 2016


ARTELIA, innovative engineering


Winner of the 2016 National Engineering Prize for Industrial projects and Winner of the “Grand Paris de la Mobilité” (Greater Paris Mobility project) prize| 28 October 2016


Artelia: Results for 2015


Artelia consolidates its position as France’s leading independent engineering firm with turnover soaring to €405m | 21 June 2016



Santiago Deseado simulator


Artelia: a leader in engineering for sustainable cities | 8 June 2016



forum of "Grand Paris and Tourism"


Grand Paris and Tourism: two strong commitments for Artelia | 14 April 2016


Safety Day


Workplace health and safety: two strong commitments for Artelia | 14 March 2016


Low Carbon Building (BBCA) label


Artelia, the leading high-rise building engineering consultancy, is promoting the new Low Carbon Building (BBCA) label | 4 December 2015





Artelia inaugurates “Patio Seine” its new operational headquarters in Choisy-le-Roi | 15 October 2015



Passion & Solutions


Artelia celebrates its 5th anniversary and unveils its new strapline | 12 October 2015



Santiago Deseado


Santiago Deseado: helping with decision-making for sustainable cities | 8 June 2015


2014 group's results


Artelia confirms its development with significantly increased results in 2014 and order books providing excellent visibility for the future | 11 May 2015




The Artelia Group consolidates its international development | 17 February 2015





Setrhi-Setae, a subsidiary of the Artelia Group, becomes SANAE | 5 February 2015





Artelia reorganises its capital to reinforce its independence and boost its development | 24 July 2014





3D Sustainable City Simulator project launched in Santiago de Chile | 26 June 2014


THE "VOYAGER" | new model at PORT REVEL


While the Costa Concordia was grounded... Port Revel was building the "Voyager".



Sustainable City simulator | santiago (Chile)


The consortium headed by Artelia and Veolia Environment selected to build a Sustainable City Simulator in Santiago, Chile | 10 February 2014



benoit clocheret


Benoît Clocheret joins Artelia as the Group's new CEO | 8 January 2014





Artelia aquires QUADRIC, consolidating its range of infrastructure engineering services | 6 January 2014



Public-Private Partnership | Mennecy primary school (fRANCE)


Artelia: a new player in the PPP sector and a record construction contract for the school in Mennecy | 23 September 2013





Construction engineering: Artelia acquires SECOA |18 September 2013



Grand Paris Express project management


Société du Grand Paris has chosen Artemis | 17 September 2013



Arcoba, gestec, Setrhi-Setae


Artelia strengthens its position as France's leading construction engineering firm | 8 April 2013






Haskoning France joins the Artelia Group | 12 November 2012






Copramex joins the Artelia Group | 10 September 2012




2011 group's results


Artelia's 2011 operating income up by over 20% | 25 June 2012




DPG Plan


Artelia strengthens its position in Brazil through acquisition of DPG Plan | 14 May 2012






Artelia celebrates its second anniversary and acquires Sotec | April 2012






IMO recommends, Port Revel adapts ... and introduces "Green Shiphandling" | March 2012






Artelia strengthens its position in the United Kingdom by acquiring the Appleyards group






Détente Consultants joins the Artelia group | 17 May 2011






Artelia acquires Spretec | 5 April 2011



The birth of ARTELIA


A benchmark independant engineering consultancy | 22 April 2010




Un projet de Simulateur 3D de la Ville Durable lancé à Santiago du Chili | 26 juin 2014

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