Other group sites


Subsidiaries in Europe

• Artelia Italia S.p.A. (Italy): www.it.arteliagroup.com


• Artelia UK Ltd (United Kingdom): www.uk.arteliagroup.com  
• Artelia Spain, S.L.U. (Spain): www.es.arteliagroup.com


• Artelia GmbH (Germany): www.de.arteliagroup.com


• Artelia Suisse S.A. (Switzerland): www.de.arteliagroup.com


 SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils S.A. (Belgium): www.sher.be  



Subsidiaries outside Europe

• Artelia Brasil Ltda: www.br.arteliagroup.com



Specialised subsidiaries


• CLI: www.concretelayer.com
CLI a subsidiary of the Artelia group dedicated to marketing patent and trademark licences relating to the breakwater protection technologies developed and distributed by the group, in particular the ACCROPODE™ I and II, ECOPODE™ and CORE-LOC™ licences.



• Port Revel: www.portrevel.com
The Port Revel centre is an entity within the Artelia group dedicated to training ships’ captains and pilots in shiphandling in restricted waters. It also works in conjunction with the hydraulics laboratory and as a shiphandling skills centre for port design projects.



• SECOA: www.secoa.fr

SECOA, subsidiary of the Artelia group, is a design office specialising in structural engineering studies and in particular bridges



• SPRETEC: www.spretec.fr

Spretec is an electromechanical engineering firm based in the Grenoble area, which joined the Artelia group in 2011.




Partner sites

• Syntec-Ingénierie: www.syntec-ingenierie.fr
Syntec-ingénierie is the professional engineering federation in France to which Artelia belongs.


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