Artelia has a portfolio of a dozen patents and the associated trademarks in key technologies resulting from the group’s research work. These patents concern breakwater protection, marine energy and waste management. Royalties from patents and licences are largely reinvested in the group’s research efforts.

Breakwater concrete armour blocks

The Artelia group’s most famous patents are in the field of single-layer artificial breakwater armour blocks known under the names ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™ II and ECOPODE™, the successors to the Tetrapod. A team of Artelia specialists provides each construction site with technical assistance founded on longstanding experience, enabling them to address the specific needs of contractors and extremely diverse site conditions.


Licence contracts for these blocks are issued by Concrete Layer Innovations (CLI) (, a subsidiary of the Artelia group. CLI also issues licences for the CORE-LOC™ block developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. All these products benefit from industrial protection, which is a true guarantee of quality for clients.


blocs artificiels de carapaces de digues

The POSIBLOC™ system aids the accurate placing of armour units, reflecting CLI’s constant concern to improve the services offered to construction companies. By monitoring the placing of each block in real time, this system improves quality and ensures greater efficiency. The system is produced and marketed by our partner Mesuris (, which also provides technical assistance. 


Wave energy converter

In 2010 Artelia registered the patent for a system to capture energy from ocean waves. A hydraulic concentrator channels water into a raised basin that is vertically guided, enabling the system to adapt to tidal levels. The water in the basin is turbined to generate electricity. Artelia tested and validated the system in its hydraulics laboratory. 


Other patents

Artelia has developed other patented technologies which concern, for example, the underground storage of solid waste in urban areas and the protection against river erosion. Furthermore, Artelia is licensed to use the patents which it does not own but to whose development it contributed (for example the one concerning the confinement of underground pollutants).

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