8th March, International Women’s Day: reasserting the Group’s commitments

8th March, International Women’s Day: reasserting the Group’s commitments

The purpose of this global day is to promote women’s rights and shine a spotlight on the reduction of inequalities between men and women. 
At international level, acknowledgement of the equal status of women and men is a recent development. 

As a reminder, here is a short global history of international women’s rights:

  • 1911: First International Women’s Day 
  • 1945: Gender equality acted within the United Nations Charter 
  • 1946: Commission on the Status of Women, the first global intergovernmental body to focus exclusively on gender equality. 
  • 1951: Equal Remuneration Convention
  • 1979: 
    - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Entry into force on 3 September 1981
    - International Declaration of Women's Rights
  • 1993: Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • 2010: UN Women, the first UN agency to exclusively promote women's rights
  • 2020: First international equal pay day 

This date of 8th March is of course only meaningful if action is taken; a long-term effort at a fundamental level is needed every day of the year, aiming to eliminate inequality in professional environments.

Each & AllArtelia s’engage pour plus d’égalité professionnelle femmes-hommes

In 2022, gender equality at work is a priority for Artelia, as emphasized in the new year speec h last  January. Thus, the Group has drawn up a series of commitments and a plan of actions to be implemented. Here are some key aspects of these:



  • Commitment no. 1: 40% of Artelia's senior management roles held by women by 2027


  • Commitment no. 2: Encourage recruitment and promotion of women into management and executive positions


  • Commitment no. 3: Promote the gender dimension at all stages of our clients’ projects 


If you would like to receive any further information, please feel free to contact the Diversity task force: