Artelia continues its share transmission process and adapts its governance to further support its international development

PR Governance

On 25 September 2019 Artelia finalized a new share transmission operation, marking a key milestone in the Group's history. As a result, Artelia's capital is now entirely held by its executives, managers and employees. With nearly 5000 employees, of whom around 50% are shareholders either directly or via an employee shareholding plan, Artelia is one of the largest companies in France to adopt this model.

This operation consolidates the Artelia Group's independence and entrepreneurial drive which are key features of its identity, while encouraging the set-up of a reference shareholding and managerial bloc and boosting engagement among younger employees. Alain Bentéjac and Jacques Gaillard, who have been joint Presidents since the creation of Artelia in 2010, are hence reaffirming their shared desire to entrust the Group's future to its executives, managers and employees.