Artelia swings into action for International Women’s Day!

Artelia swings into action for International Women’s Day!

This Friday 8 March, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Artelia’s female (and male!) staff members are taking part in the digital campaign launched by the French engineering federation Syntec Ingénierie, which consists in posting personal messages using the French hashtag #FemmeDeLinGENIErie (a play on words combining “woman”, “engineering” and “genius”).

You can read all the participants’ contributions on our Twitter account!



On this occasion, we also put a few questions to Sandra Dodet who, in addition to being a high-performance athlete, has studied engineering.


How do you view your position as a woman, in your capacity as a high-performance athlete? 

“In France, for many years, certain sports were only accessible to men. I am happy to be among the women today who are demonstrating that it’s possible for us to accomplish great feats too, such as breaking sports records. It is an honour to be considered as an ambassador for high-performance sport or as an example for future generations even though, in this day and age, on a national level, there are still discrepancies between the salaries paid to men and women.”


And in the world of engineering? 

“I studied at an engineering school where there was only a tiny number of women in each class, but I never felt any differences, or as if my male classmates considered me inferior.”


Is your everyday life as a female athlete identical to that of your male counterparts?

“In the world of triathlon, yes, I would say my everyday life is identical to that of the male athletes.”


What advice would you give to women who want to make their mark in these two sectors, which are often thought to be male-dominated?

“The worlds of engineering (at higher education level) and of triathlon are respectful, with a positive mindset. This is why I have never really felt a need to establish my status in these so-called “male” settings.”