With the coronavirus, the world is facing a dramatic health crisis unprecedented in the modern era

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Our thoughts first and foremost are with those who are sick, with bereaved families and with those who are struggling at every moment to heal, to save lives, to help Society get through this difficult period. We express our admiration and gratitude to them.

Our absolute priority and first duty is to preserve the health of us all. In January 2020, Artelia set up a specific crisis cell to guide Health and Safety actions for deployment on all our sites around the world. We apply with rigor and discipline, Governmental and National Health Authority measures in about 100 Countries where we operate. We have gradually introduced home-based working for all teams whose tasks are compatible, at least temporarily, with this way of working.

Our priority is also to ensure continuity and quality of service to our customers wherever this is possible considering the strict sanitary requirements. Thus, every day we adjust our organization to the situation, particularly with regards to interruption or resumption of projects and works on site. Our goal is to respond in a specific and adapted manner to the expectations of each of our customers in line with the current constraints.

We are also mobilizing the Artelia Foundation, and we are considering which help and services we could provide to facilitate crisis management and recovery.

We would like to thank all our clients for their unwavering trust. We are also extremely grateful to all Artelia's teams on five continents for their mobilization, their team spirit and their initiatives in finding pragmatic solutions to the unprecedented situation we are facing.

Let's join forces to get stronger both during and after this crisis.

Benoît Clocheret, CEO
& the Artelia Executive Committee