As part of its ongoing development, Artelia has signed partnerships with engineering schools Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, ENTP and Ense3 in Grenoble to attract the best talent

Artelia has signed partnerships with engineering schools

Marne-la-Vallée, 10 October 2018 – Today, the Artelia Group is signing a partnership with the Ecole des Ponts – ParisTech engineering school. Artelia, now one of France’s three leading engineering groups, is establishing lasting partnerships with the top French engineering schools to attract the high-calibre graduates it needs to continue developing. Concurrently with the partnership with Ecole des Ponts, Artelia has also entered into a partnership with ENTPE, the National School of State Public Works, while the one with Ense3, the National Graduate School of Energy, Water and the Environment, in Grenoble, was signed before the summer.

As an international, multidisciplinary engineering group, Artelia carries out numerous projects for its clients throughout the world, offering the men and women who join the company a wide range of career development opportunities. The group intends to take on a large number of interns and recent graduates via multi-year partnerships with engineering schools. These partnerships will help Artelia, the leading French independent engineering firm in the fields of building construction, infrastructure, industry, water and the environment, to promote its range of engineering-related business lines and accelerate its development in France and around the world.