SHELL & ARTELIA world Innovation Day

SHELL & ARTELIA world Innovation Day

On June 4th, Shell and Artelia organized a global “Innovation Day”. 

Artelia’s Shell country leads and the Artelia corporate Support Team (CST), lead by Mr. Mario Wallner, came together with the global Shell Engineering Team lead by Ms. Ruth Leach. The event was hosted by Artelia´s Senior Management at our headquarters in Paris. We counted more than 35 participants, coming from South East Asia, Europe and Mexico. 

It was a unique moment having the local teams from all over the world as well as Shell’s Subject Matter Experts (SME) together in one room. Ms. Ruth LEACH, General Manager Engineering Retail,  insisted on Artelia´s proven capabilities to drive innovation and low carbon initiatives. In particular, our achievements in the use of low carbon material, such as a full timber construction linked into modular construction, or non-standard award winning motorway sites in France and Switzerland made of timber. 

Artelia is proud of the trust Shell place in us and we are committed to delivering Shell´s future low carbon network in all our Markets, tying in Shell´s Integrated Retail Offer (IRO).