What solutions for high-performance and human health facilities?

ARTELIA Healthcare book

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Understanding issues for healthcare facility managers

In Europe, the healthcare sector and its players - both public and private - are facing major changes in terms of asset management, functional optimisation, digital technology, technical expertise and sustainable development. 

At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has generated new constraints concerning the organisation of healthcare facilities and the expectations of users (nursing homes, hospitals and clinics). 

For new buildings as well as for existing structures, one of the objectives is now to enable patients suffering from Covid to live together with others patients and, of course, the carers.  

Artelia invites you to discover examples of solutions proposed by our Healthcare teams in order to respond today to the new health challenges of our societies.


Through this book, you will discover:

  • An international overview of the major challenges facing healthcare buildings today and in the coming years.
  • Solutions, methods and tools for efficient and sustainable structures.
  • Testimonials and feedback from experts and establishment managers.


Download the ARTELIA Healthcare book