Artelia asserts itself as a key player in the field of energy efficiency in buildings by investing in start-up Openergy

Closing Artelia - Openergy

On 20 November 2018 the Artelia Group signed the agreement to acquire a stake in Openergy, a start-up that specialises in simulating energy consumption in buildings and monitoring energy performance contracts (EPC). 

This partnership will allow Artelia, a leading French independent engineering group specialising in the fields of building construction, infrastructure, industrial facilities, water and the environment, to continue digitising its services and accelerate its development in the area of energy-efficiency retrofitting of buildings. This is now a strategic activity in the fight against global warming and in measures to reduce urban heat islands, with a view to limiting the impacts of heatwaves such as those of this summer.


A major step forward in guaranteeing the energy performance of buildings

A leading EPC operator, Artelia is participating in several emblematic contracts such as those concerning 140 schools across Paris and the buildings owned by Neuilly-sur-Seine municipal council. When it acts in this capacity, the Group makes a commitment to achieve long-term energy efficiency targets on behalf of its clients.

Thanks to Openergy (based at Station F, the biggest start-up campus in the world, located in Paris), its leading-edge technologies and the close relationship between the two companies, Artelia will hence boost its energy management capabilities by encouraging the emergence of efficient tools for monitoring and improving the performance of buildings, with the ambition of developing energy performance guarantees on a large scale. 

Capable of both simulating the energy consumption of any building by leveraging the available data and, most importantly, of monitoring consumption and deviations over time, the platform developed by Openergy in collaboration with experts from Artelia marks a major step forward in the design of programmes dedicated to managing the energy consumed by buildings and monitoring returns on investments in energy-saving measures. By managing a digital avatar of the building enabling energy data to be simulated and analysed simultaneously, this platform is thus starting to accelerate the roll-out of energy performance and guarantee contracts.  

Benoît Clocheret, CEO of Artelia, explains: “Our strategy consists in strengthening our ties with start-ups such as Openergy, to whom we are contributing funding but also, and more importantly, our wealth of knowledge in building-related fields and our state-of-the-art scientific expertise, enabling the two firms to speed up development of the tools required to transform the way our societies use energy”. 

A promising long-term investment 

To consolidate its strategic partnership with Openergy, Artelia responded to the fundraising campaign launched by the firm by providing the entire amount it was seeking. This investment marks a new milestone in an operational partnership that has already performed several joint projects, highlighted the strong synergy between the two companies’ areas of expertise and confirmed that they stand at the forefront of technologies to boost the energy efficiency of buildings. 

For Riad Ziour and Geoffroy d’Estaintot, the founders of Openergy, “this partnership acknowledges the quality of our platform and is a huge opportunity to boost the roll-out and development of projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in France and Europe”. 

Thanks to this financial kick-start, the platform developers will quickly be able to roll out new features meeting the growing demand from the energy performance contract market. The goals of Artelia and Openergy are to boost their business in the residential and commercial real-estate segments in France and Europe, notably by adapting their current methods to the cooling networks used in the hottest countries of this region. 

About Openergy: 

Openergy was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing players in the building retrofitting sector with a platform for tracking energy efficiency. This tool greatly simplifies the process of monitoring commitments to reduce energy consumption while widening access to retrofitting schemes. Key projects performed the start-up, whose R&D is supported actively by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), include optimising the energy efficiency of the ‘EDF Lab’ (on the Saclay campus) and the Veolia headquarters on behalf of ICADE. Artelia and Openergy have been collaborating since 2017, with the additional aim of simplifying building assessments and accelerating the roll-out of more ambitious energy performance contracts. 


About Artelia: 

Artelia is an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water and the environment. With 4900 employees and turnover of €485m in 2017, Artelia is one of France’s leading groups in the sector. Internationally, the group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Artelia is 97% owned by its managers and employees.

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