Artelia confirms its ambitious growth path with turnover up 13.6% to €550m

Press release 2018 results

Having enjoyed constant growth since 2010, Artelia recorded significant increases in turnover and operating income in 2018, consolidating both its development strategy and its shareholding model. 

The independent, multi-disciplinary group is affirming its position as one of Europe’s leading engineering firms, capable of conducting emblematic projects such as assisting the Owner of the Grand Paris Express, designing and supervising the renovation of Gare du Nord in Paris, Europe’s busiest railway station, managing the Symbiosis eco-sustainable renovation project in Milan, and building the Médipôle de Lyon Villeurbanne, the largest private hospital in France. 


Constant growth combining solid intrinsic performance and external growth

In October 2017 Artelia sealed its merger with Auxitec, a leading French industrial engineering firm with 900 employees. To harness the opportunities generated through the integration of Auxitec, the Group has reorganised its activities into eight business units operating from now on under the single Artelia name.

With a workforce of 4900, the Group is affirming its position as one of the few French firms proposing a balanced offering of strong engineering expertise in the fields of construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment.

In 2018 Artelia hence recorded turnover of €550.5m, up 13.6% on the previous year, and operating income of €22.4m, up 18%. Moreover, a comfortable backlog of orders representing 19 months’ work gives the group good visibility for the year ahead.


Sights set firmly on international markets

With turnover of nearly €150m outside France, Artelia is continuing to develop its international business by combining the skills of its French teams with those of its subsidiaries in 30 countries around the world. 

The Group’s growth is particularly strong in Europe, where the overall rate is nearly 10%, with the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy leading the way. Artelia Italia – which has more than 350 employees and generated turnover of €34.8m in 2018 – notched up a record year and confirmed its position as one of Italy’s ten leading project management and engineering firms in the building construction sector.

Artelia is also continuing to expand its network in Asia, where its workforce now stands at more than 680 (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines). This continent now represents 15% of Artelia’s international business, with growth particularly strong in the renewable energy field and the group making new inroads into the industry and healthcare sectors.

Last but not least, Artelia has created a subsidiary in Mexico in order to assist its long-standing client Shell with its projects in that country and to kick-start more sustained growth in Central America.


Artelia Digital Solutions: leading the digital transformation 

Numerical modelling, BIM, data science, artificial intelligence: more than 750 Artelia employees are now involved on a daily basis in helping our clients embrace their digital transformation. 

To consolidate the range of digital services available to its clients the Group has created Artelia Digital Solutions, a service company specialising in information systems and digital technologies. A team of 50 information system developers and specialists deliver auditing, appraisal, study and management assignments in the digital field, chiefly to support and complement the Group’s engineering and project management activities. They also provide turnkey hardware and software infrastructure, hosting services and Cloud-based solutions, as well as assistance and in-service support contracts.


An independent company that is proud of its employee shareholding model

Meeting the challenge of talent management is essential to the growth of the company. Artelia hence recruited nearly 800 men and women in 2018. By implementing the Artelia Way, the Group is promoting a learning company that is keen to share, transmit and capitalise on its knowledge and experience. 

Mindful of the vital role played by its talented employees in ensuring successful project outcomes, Artelia has rolled out an innovative remuneration system involving three-year commitments, an agreement stipulating the payment of compulsory and optional profit-sharing bonuses based entirely on attendance time, and an employer matching scheme that actively encourages employees to become shareholders.

According to Benoît Clocheret, Artelia’s Chief Executive Officer: “With 97% of its capital owned by its managers and employees, Artelia is among the four per cent of French companies that have adopted this very broad model of internal shareholding, which is a hallmark of our identity. On completion of the shareholding operation we are currently preparing, i.e. as of autumn 2019, the Group’s entire capital will be held by nearly 50% of its employees, either directly or via an employee shareholding plan. This development reflects the strong commitment of our employees, and encourages us to continue growing in a spirit of shared performance and responsibility – which includes corporate responsibility. Our proactive CSR policy is the perfect illustration of this: it is underpinned notably by our membership of the Global Compact (the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals), and has recently been awarded Ecovadis Gold certification.”


Artelia is contributing to some emblematic projects addressing key contemporary challenges 

The energy transition 

  • Energy performance contracts for the renovation of 60 schools and six swimming pools in Paris, 31 schools in the Hauts-de-Seine department (western suburbs of Paris), and 33 schools in the Oise department (northern France)
  • Design and construction supervision for 7 solar farms in Vietnam, with a total capacity of 500 MWp
  • Development of Isimba hydropower dam in Uganda


Resource-based economy and climate resilience

  • Construction of the Pulse and Thémis commercial buildings in Paris, at the leading edge of eco-design
  • Assessment of the climate resilience of Abidjan in Ivory Coast


Industrial competitiveness

  • Reconfiguration of the Safran plant in Poitiers (France), to produce the primary mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope
  • Modernisation of the Elkem Silicones site in Saint-Fons (France)
  • Construction of a factory in Barcelona for AAM, a leading global automotive component manufacturer 

Urban regeneration

  • Construction of the largest private hospital in France, the Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne
  • Development of Part Dieu shopping centre in Lyon
  • General design and construction supervision for the town and port development project in La Grande Motte 
  • Eco-sustainable renovation of a major business hub in Milan

Multimodal transport 

  • Continuation of the Grand Paris Express project, with the launch of the works marking a milestone in 2018 
  • Renovation of Gare du Nord in Paris, Europe’s busiest railway station, handling 222 million passengers per year 
  • Modernisation of inland waterways, including the commissioning of Vives-Eaux dam on the river Seine


Safety and security

  • Installation of instruments on Normandy Bridge (N. France), in order to track the behaviour of the structure in real time
  • Construction of the Banque de France currency management centre in La Courneuve (NE Paris suburbs)


Find the Group’s 2018 Annual Report on its website: 

About Artelia: 
Artelia is an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment. With 4900 employees and turnover of €550m in 2018, Artelia is one of France’s leading groups in the sector. Internationally, the group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Artelia is 97% owned by its managers and employees.


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