Artelia confirms its position as one of Europe’s leading engineering firms with a 24% turnover increase to 681 million euros*

Artelia confirms its position as one of Europe’s leading engineering firms with a 24% turnover increase to 681 million euros*

Artelia posted a significant increase in turnover and operating income in 2019, combining intrinsic performance and external growth.

Thanks to its 5,900 engineers and technicians, the independent and multi-disciplinary Group is now one of the top fifteen construction engineering firms in Europe, fielding strong engineering skills in construction, infrastructure and industry.

Artelia is consolidating its expansion strategy and shareholder model to embrace the future with confidence.


Sustained and balanced development 

Thanks to the integration of Danish company MOE in December 2019 and organic growth in activity, the Group generated combined turnover of 681 million euros*, an increase of almost 24%, including 6% through organic growth. Operating revenue amounted to 33 million euros, a very significant increase of 47%, including 10% through organic growth. 

Implemented in over forty countries, the Group is taking a major step in developing and expanding its geographic footprint; almost 40% of its business is now generated outside France. 

The dynamics of 2019 are reflected in concrete terms by the signing of over 6,500 new contracts. The Group’s order book represents a base of eighteen months’ turnover, with sound visibility for 2020 in spite of the economic context.

Boasting solid financial results and a balanced development, Artelia is strengthening its resilience, which has acquired a whole new meaning in the unprecedented conditions at the start of 2020. Despite the lockdown imposed in many countries during the first half of 2020, the Group continued with assignments for its clients through widespread home-working and outstanding adaptability demonstrated by the Group’s teams.


A stronger geographic footprint through new growth territories 

With turnover amounting to almost 250 million euros outside France, Artelia is continuing to expand its international business, combining the skills of French teams with those of its subsidiaries in over forty countries. 

The main noteworthy event in 2019 was the advent of MOE in the Artelia group. MOE is an engineering firm that sets the standard in Denmark and also operates in Norway and the Philippines. Thanks to its 900 employees, turnover of 100 million euros, multidisciplinary activity and a 100% employee share ownership mirroring Artelia, MOE is a new pillar in the Group and marks the start of its expansion dynamic in Northern Europe.

The ninety MOE employees in the Philippines also make it possible for Artelia to continue expanding in South-East Asia, where the Group already fields over 750 employees in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.

In addition, the Group has opened up new growth territories, in particular Australia and Portugal, and has consolidated its expansion in several other countries such as Thailand and Ivory Coast.


* Combined turnover of Artelia and MOE in 2019


Independence and entrepreneurial drive: a resilient model during the crisis

A new equity transfer operation consolidated the Artelia capitalisation model in October. Managers and staff members now own 100% of the group’s equity as the foundation of the independence and entrepreneurial drive of the Group. The operation also featured a governance update to ensure in particular greater representation of women and external individuals. These are important assets for a group aiming at global coverage with internal shareholders. 

In addition, extensive analyses were conducted in 2019 concerning the company’s values and purpose, closely tied in with renewed CSR objectives for 2025. At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 17 June 2020, the Group's shareholders adopted the Company's raison d'être: "Designing solutions for a positive life".

Benoît Clocheret, Artelia CEO, declared on this issue: “This raison d'être has clearly taken on its full dimension over the last few months.The crisis we are currently experiencing encourages us to innovate and offer new digital services with greater conviction, in particular for smart cities, and to incorporate the pandemic risk in the buildings and infrastructure we design. Our purpose commits us to the fantastic drive of the European New Green Deal, the aim of which is to create a future for our continent as quickly as possible that combines development and sustainability. That future will greatly involve the talent and creativity of engineering firms. This is an opportunity to be seized. We are confident about our future and are ready to embrace these new challenges.”


Designing solutions for a positive life: a purpose that takes on its full meaning today

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable our society can be. It has changed our lifestyles and has even and already accelerated the transformation of our professions. Resilience, safety, industrial competitiveness, digitization, new forms of mobility, smart cities and buildings… In all these fields and more than ever before, Artelia offers solutions that are both innovative and practical and which address today’s major challenges. 

Energy transition

  • Energy performance contract to renovate six buildings for the Essonne regional authority (Paris region) with the aim of reducing consumption by 40%
  • Construction of the first energy pumping transfer station Hatta in the UAE
  • Construction of a waste recycling plant at Amager Bakke in Copenhagen which features an original leisure centre concept on its roof

Resource economies and climate change resilience

  • Development of the Universeine eco-neighbourhood in Saint-Denis, which will be home to the athletes’ village at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and will be converted into housing and office space
  • Support for Madagascar to reduce its vulnerability to climate change 
  • Adaptation study for Grand Lahou in light of coastal erosion in Ivory Coast

Industrial competitiveness

  • A giant storage facility for petrochemicals with cutting-edge safety and security for Alkion in Le Havre
  • Continued partnership with Syngenta to optimise its production infrastructure in Switzerland, Belgium and France
  • Continued partnership with Shell to develop tomorrow’s petrol and service stations in particular in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Oman, the Philippines, Mexico and Indonesia
  • Environmental and social impact studies in Myanmar for energy facilities, industrial parks, factories and infrastructure including the Shweli 3 hydroelectric dam project 

Multimodal mobility 

  • Marseilles metro extension and opening of the Capitaine Gèze station
  • Project management for the fifth tramway line in Montpellier
  • Contracting assistance for the Euralpin Lyon-Turin tunnel, the longest rail tunnel in the world
  • Development of sustainable mobility in Reunion through urban cable-way and RunRail light rail guided transport projects 
  • Extension of the Port-la-Nouvelle port in the Occitanie region

Urban dynamic 

  • Participation in the “Angers territoire intelligent” project which ultimately aims to reduce water and energy consumption by 20% to 66%; improvement in waste collection and in reducing pollution from cars
  • Renovation of the Lariboisière hospital in Paris combining a digital model and planning tools through BIM 4D 
  • Delivery of the Tourangelle clinic (west of France), as seen in the comprehensive reorganisation and doubling of initial building floor space 
  • Support for the Greenwich Peninsula multiple usage program in London on the banks of the Thames
  • Restructuring of the prestigious Hotel de la Ville in Rome 
  • Modernisation of Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris with care taken to preserve and restore its remarkable architectural and cultural assets 

Safety and security

  • Instrumentation of Vernaison suspension bridge in Lyon; comprehensive monitoring system implemented to take any safety measures required for user safety
  • Study of protective works at the new port in Safi, Morocco, including physical modelling of facilities thanks to our hydraulics laboratory
  • Drafting of a white paper on major natural risks in the Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.


The 2019 Group annual report is available on

About Artelia: 

Artelia is a multinational, multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in construction, infrastructure and industry. Thanks to its 5,900 staff members, Artelia is a French sector leader which generated revenue of €681 million* in 2019 and operates in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacifica and the Americas. Artelia is wholly-owned by its staff and managers.
* Combined turnover of Artelia and MOE in 2019


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