Artelia continues its share transmission process and adapts its governance to further support its international development

PR Governance

On 25 September 2019 Artelia finalized a new share transmission operation, marking a key milestone in the Group's history. As a result, Artelia's capital is now entirely held by its executives, managers and employees. With nearly 5000 employees, of whom around 50% are shareholders either directly or via an employee shareholding plan, Artelia is one of the largest companies in France to adopt this model.

This operation consolidates the Artelia Group's independence and entrepreneurial drive which are key features of its identity, while encouraging the set-up of a reference shareholding and managerial bloc and boosting engagement among younger employees. Alain Bentéjac and Jacques Gaillard, who have been joint Presidents since the creation of Artelia in 2010, are hence reaffirming their shared desire to entrust the Group's future to its executives, managers and employees.

The transmission operation has taken place alongside a change in the Group's governance, which is now based on three pillars:

  • The General Meeting, bringing together more than 660 managers and employees;
  • The Board of Directors, which is composed of 13 members of whom 5 are independent, supported by 3 BoD committees ("CSR", "Risks, Auditing and Accounts" and "Appointments, Remunerations and Governance"), as well as the Ethics Committee whose Chairman will be independent;
  • A Chief Executive Officer, who drives the Group's business activities.

On this basis, on 1 October 2019, the Board of Directors made the following appointments:

  • Claude Imauven, former Chief Executive Officer of the Saint-Gobain Group and an Artelia director since 2010, was appointed to act as Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  • Benoît Clocheret was confirmed as Artelia's Chief Executive Officer.


Jacques Gaillard and Alain Bentéjac remain members of the Board of Directors and look confidently towards the future: "Artelia's success fills us with pride, but also with gratitude towards all the teams who have travelled this journey with us. Artelia has a unique shareholding model that enables all its managers and employees to share in the fruits of its success. This model lies at the heart of the Group's identity. Artelia's success rests on solid foundations: a strong brand, shared values, a high-calibre management team, and a skilled and committed workforce. Having headed these teams for five years now, Benoît Clocheret has proved that he has all the qualities needed to manage the Group efficiently, energetically and sensitively."
Claude Imauven is eager to embark on his new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors and points out the Group's strong values and professionalism, as well as the efforts deployed by its employees every day to offer their clients solutions that are efficient, harmonious and sustainable.

For Benoît Clocheret, "this new stage in Artelia's history proves how strongly our employees are committed, and encourages us to continue growing in a spirit of shared performance and social responsibility. Independent and multi-disciplinary, the Group is now in a stronger position than ever before to become a benchmark European engineering company with ambitions clearly focused on international development."


About Artelia:

Artelia is an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment. With 4900 employees and turnover of €550m in 2018, Artelia is one of France’s leading groups in the sector. Internationally, the group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Artelia is 100% owned by its managers and employees.


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