Artelia enjoys its sixth consecutive year of growth with turnover rising by more than 10% to €485m

2017 results

2017 was the sixth consecutive year in which Artelia saw its activity and operating results increase, providing ample justification of its development strategy and shareholding model. The group's turnover reached €485m, an increase of 10.5%, including 6% through organic growth.

Accelerating growth

In October 2017, Artelia finalised its takeover of Auxitec, a leading French industrial engineering firm employing 900 people. This was the biggest external growth operation since the group was founded in 2010.

The combination of this growth operation and Artelia's own intrinsic performance produced an operating result of €19m, an increase of 7.3% over the previous year. Prospects for 2018 are excellent, with the group boasting orders that will secure turnover for the next 19 months. 
For the second consecutive year, turnkey orders represent more than 10% of total turnover, clearly demonstrating the fact that Artelia is a partner of choice for clients looking for an integrated services provider.

In the words of Artelia's CEO Benoît Clocheret, "Through the acquisition of Auxitec, our group is now one of the few players in France to offer a balanced combination of advanced engineering skills in building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment. With a turnover of €485m, we have consolidated our position as one of the "Top 3" in France and one of the "Top 30" in Europe. We are continuing to pursue our goal of becoming one of the benchmark European engineering firms thanks to the passionate commitment of our 4900 employees throughout the world".


A European engineering group enjoying strong international growth

With turnover outside France up by 15%, projects on an increasingly large scale, and the consolidation of its strategic subsidiaries, Artelia is continuing to develop its international activity by combining the skills offered by its French teams and those to be found in each individual country.

Growth has been particularly notable in the strategic subsidiaries, reaching more than 13% in the United Kingdom and Vietnam, and 17% in Spain and Italy. With more than 250 employees and turnover of €31m, our Italian subsidiary now ranks as one of the country's foremost project management and engineering firms. Our teams in the United Arab Emirates and Oman have also taken advantage of a more promising context to finalise some large-scale projects in the maritime field. Lastly, our subsidiary in Ivory Coast is doing extremely well after getting off to a promising start.


A firm that is constantly learning, innovative and creative

As confirmation of the group's good health, Artelia recruited over 1000 men and women in many parts of the world in 2017. Its "Artelia Way" talent development programme assists employees throughout their careers. Nearly 500 employees took advantage of the possibility of moving to a new job within the group as a further step along their career path.

Extensive discussions with the social partners in 2017 on the issue of value sharing led to the signing of an innovative 3-year pay agreement, a complete overhaul of the group's profit-sharing agreements and the introduction of an employer matching system as an incentive to invest in the group's shares. All of this illustrates the group's confidence in its future, its eagerness for social innovation and its strong commitment to its employees by offering them a complete remuneration system in keeping with their career paths.

Artelia is contributing to many projects in all its markets:

Building construction:

  • Construction of the Link, Sisters and Hekla towers at La Défense, Paris
  • Renovation of the Hotel Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel, in Paris
  • Creation of the new Saint-Jean l’Ermitage clinic in Melun
  • Construction of the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrakech, Morocco

Multi-site programmes:

  • Renewal of the partnership with Shell to manage its investment in the development of its service station network in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Oman and the Philippines, and to extend it to Indonesia
  • Renovation of the network of agencies operated by the Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the oldest in the world
  • Design of an IT security services solution for more than 300 stores operated by the Weldom chain in France


  • Creation of the CNRS C2N in Saclay, a high-tech centre dedicated to nanosciences and nanotechnologies
  • Modernisation and extension of a flexible pipe manufacturing plant for Flexi France between Rouen and Le Havre
  • Construction of liquid ethane transport, storage and processing infrastructure in Antwerp, Belgium, for the Total group

Urban development and transport:

  • Continuation of the Grand Paris Express project, with significant progress being made on all lines
  • Construction of the Palombe bridge in Bordeaux
  • Design of 11 stations for the Doha metro in Qatar
  • Transformation and extension of Caen tramway
  • Design of the Coteaux du Var eco-district to high environmental specifications
  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in Chartres
  • Deployment of an optical fibre network in the department of Haute Saône

Water and regional development:

  • Design and construction of Vedi dam and reservoir supplying water for irrigation in Armenia
  • Impact assessment for the Grand Renaissance dam in Ethiopia
  • Studies relating to the construction of the Istanbul canal in Turkey
  • Construction of Les Mamelles reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant in Senegal


  • Construction of Attaqa pumped storage power plant in Egypt
  • Development of Nam Ngum 3 & 4 hydropower dams in Laos
  • Construction of photovoltaic solar power plants in El Salvador and Argentina
  • Construction of hybrid rural electrification systems in Bamako, Mali

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About Artelia: 
Artelia is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment. With 4900 employees and turnover of €485m in 2017, Artelia is one of France’s leading groups in the sector. Internationally, the group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Artelia is 97% owned by its managers and employees.


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