Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Safety studies for an offshore liquefied natural gas regasification terminal and on-shore plant

Implementation of a FSRU (« Floating storage and re-gasification unit ») in Ebrié laguna
Context & Issues

The facilities involved into the project are:

  • a 160 000 m3 FSRU, located in Ebrié Laguna (Vridi village) and a dedicated jetty. LNG is downloaded from LNG carriers (120 000 to 180 000 m3). LNG storage is achieved on the floating barge itself,
  • a sea-line transfering the natural gas from the FSRU to the on-shore terminal,
  • onshore associated facilities (pig receiver, pressure regulating, heating system, metering station, quality lab, generators, firefighting, administration, ...) inside a 16 ha area,
  • export underground pipeline (14 - 20’’) until the tie-in to the local network