BIM Digital Twin

BIM Digital Twin

By creating a Dynamic Digital Twin right from the design phase, Artelia provides a tool to steer performance of your project, to optimise operating costs and asset value as high as possible. 


The Dynamic Digital Twin is the digital representation of the physical reality of a work based on: 

  •  The operation of a completly digitalised documentation, as well as the continous updating of all equipments. 
  •  The monitoring of all equipment, installations and floors equipped with sensors and actuators. 
  •  The integration of technical, regulatory and financial data related to the project. 

The Dynamic Digital Twinning allows multiple contributors to access a collaborative platform to optimise their working methods: 

  • Updating the file of subsequent interventions. 
  • Traceability of regulatory obligations. 
  • Optimisation of maintenance. 
  • Optimisation of operations (occupancy rate, users satisfaction). 
  • Watch on aging and damage prevention.