Alternative fuels

Artelia is a key player in the area of new forms of energy.

The projects delivered by the Group comply with French and international standards and with current requirements in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.



Artelia proposes a range of additional services

  • Property searches

  • Environmental studies 

  • Project management

  • Design services and construction management

  • Assistance to Owners

  • Data analysis / Maintenance


Mobility is evolving and the Artelia Group is staying ahead of changes in this sector:

In 2015, Air Liquide Advanced Business commissioned Artelia to assist it with the development and construction of the first LNG, CNG and LIN service station dedicated to Air Liquide’s heavy goods vehicle clients in France. In Italy, Artelia contributed to developing some fifty LNG fuelling stations. In Germany, Artelia developed the first-ever H2 station, which was commissioned in 2013. 

In the field of electric vehicle charging stations, Artelia is active in Great Britain (EVCI for Shell UK and Allego UK) and in Italy (ENEL), as well as in France and Spain (programme to roll out charging stations at Audi France, Audi and Renault Spain dealerships).
In Turin, the Group was involved in setting up the BlueTorino car sharing service.