Fuel retail

"Supporting a fast-changing business"

With 30 years’ experience in managing CAPEX and OPEX programmes in fuel distribution networks, Artelia is keeping ahead of changes in the sector and developing innovative concepts and solutions.

Oil & Gas retail is currently undergoing profound changes. While certain oil companies are adapting their business model by diversifying the service offerings at their service stations, expanding from fuel distribution into food-to-go and convenience retail in order to optimise costs, others are abandoning the distribution sector to concentrate on other parts of their business. 

New players are emerging on the market, such as mass retailers (supermarkets), forecourt convenience retailers, regional independent distributors, and powerful international oil companies.

In addition, service station networks must adapt to constantly changing environmental regulations and calls to adopt low-carbon energy sources, leading to the development of electric vehicles and alternative fuels such as bioethanol, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, synthetic fuels and biodiesel. Artelia has an unparalleled experience as designer and project manager, participating as technical partner in the construction of more than 40 Hydrogen refuelling stations for cars, buses, heavy-duty vehicles and trains, in France, Germany, UK, Italy and Czech Republic.

Our objective is to support our clients as they take up these challenges and seize these opportunities. We bring them a complete array of services to optimise their CAPEX and OPEX investments in their real estate assets and to help them deliver a unique customer experience. Meanwhile we are committed to our “Go for Zero” target in the area of health, safety and the environment.

In addition to our 30 years of experience in traditional fuel distribution, during the past decade we have developed unparalleled expertise in alternative fuel distribution. Moreover, we have proven track records in managing investments in other retail markets such as restaurants and convenience stores. Lastly, we offer our clients the benefit of our involvement in various innovative initiatives such as energy-efficient buildings and predictive maintenance.

We offer our clients a comprehensive set of services covering the full life cycle of a real estate asset, from land search and environmental assessment through design and programme management to facility management and decommissioning. These services can be offered on a standalone basis or combined into tailor-made solutions for a more integrated package.

We capitalise on our experience and consolidate our knowledge in fuel distribution through Inergy, our dedicated Centre of Excellence, which gathers together all of Artelia’s experts involved in this sector.


Certas Energy, an affiliate of DCC Energy, acquired the Esso retail network in France in 2015. 
The existing Esso network includes:

  • 274 Esso-branded unmanned forecourts,
  • 48 Esso-branded motorway concessions.



In 2012, Eni signed the first contract with Artelia for Engineering Design and Construction management (new buildings, demolition and re-builds, major modifications, renovations, compliance up-grades) of its wide service stations network spread all over Italy.