Coastal terminals & industrial sites

Coastal terminals & industrial sites

Shipping increasing quantities of crude oil, gas, ore and chemicals between extraction and production sites and consumer countries entails constructing maritime infrastructure suited to each product category and site.

In optimising the cost and operability of such facilities, Artelia is involved right from the preliminary design stage to identify the best sites, and then draws on its expertise in overall layout design, shiphandling, mooring, defence works and port structures during the various phases of project design. 


Oman | Mirbat

The project consists in the development - from initial conception to construction supervision - of a military naval base for the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) in Mirbat 

France | Martinique

The extension of this terminal, in conjunction with the project to increase the capacity of the Panama Canal, presents a complex challenge due to the seismic characteristics of the site.