Sultan Qaboos Naval base

Sultan Qaboos Naval base
Context & Issues

The project consists in the development - from initial conception to construction supervision - of a military naval base for the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) in Mirbat 

Artelia is the consultant for the full project which involves the overall master plan for the 30-year development of the harbour, utilities, infrastructure and buildings, as well as for its overall detailed design, tendering and supervision.

The area of the Naval Base is nearly 7 km2 and expected to accommodate about 750 staff at the start of the operation. The proposed site for the Sultan Qaboos Naval Base (SQNB) harbour is located in an enclosed bay located to the east of Hinu. The bay itself presents depths of up to 15m and is exposed to the Arabian Sea through a rocky shore and offshore bar.

This natural bay is characterised by a sandy beach enclosed by two parallel rock formations. The southern rock formation offers some degree of natural protection from the Monsoon waves. Nestled in the southern region of Oman, the project area is affected by the annual Indian monsoon (locally known as the khareef) which extends from early June to mid September.