Industrial site risks & vulnerability

Industrial site risks & vulnerability

Protecting industrial sites against nature's extremes (floods, storms, hurricanes, tsunami, etc.) is a key objective for both operators and authorities.

An expert in studying natural phenomena and designing defences, Artelia helps industrial firms assess their vulnerability to extreme events and the impact of climate change, define adaptation strategies and ensure the safety of their critical equipment and facilities, taking "domino effects" into consideration.

Artelia also participates in drawing up disaster contingency, risk assessment and management plans.



In the context of the project to install a cogeneration plant at the Marcq-en-Barœul production site (the largest yeast factory in the world since its creation in 1968), Artelia is performing a study that will be incorporated directly into a statutory public information document in order to compl

Algeria | Bethioua

Artelia was appointed by Total Lubrifiants Algérie to organise a hazard identification (HAZID) workshop and to prepare the hazard assessment concerning the project to build a new lubricant plant in Algeria.