Nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering

Artelia provides the full range of technical and regulatory expertise required for the following aspects of nuclear engineering projects: fuel cycle, reactor fleet, medical activities involving radiation, research and development, radiation and energy, scientific facilities, military applications, drainage, and dismantling.

The Group takes all aspects of nuclear safety into account in designing and studying projects. It performs comprehensive seismic studies for new or existing structures of all types, ensuring high levels of safety by incorporating the constraints inherent to the nuclear activity, site conditions such as earthquake and impact resistance, and durability requirements.

Artelia assists its clients with the design and management of radioactive waste storage facilities, the assessment and modelling of short- and long-term radionuclide diffusion risks, and the selection of containment techniques.

Its teams of experts in nuclear industry risk management analyse, draft and inspect documents of all types constituting the safety standards required in order to obtain operating licences.

France | Marcoule

In the context of operations to clean and dismantle basins at the effluent treatment plant at the CEA site in Marcoule, Artelia performed a feasibility study on the conditioning of activated sludge.

France | Le Barp

Turnkey implementation of the SID (Diagnostics Insertion System) and BTDP (plasma diagnostics transfer box) of the Megajoule Laser Facility’s PETAL+ experiment system.