PETAL+ Diagnostics Insertion System (SID)
Diagnostics Introduction System PETAL+
Context & Issues

Turnkey implementation of the SID (Diagnostics Insertion System) and BTDP (plasma diagnostics transfer box) of the Megajoule Laser Facility’s PETAL+ experiment system. Mechanical construction on the basis of the definition produced by the CEA, development of the associated control and monitoring facilities, works acceptance of the equipment and erection on site.

Construction of a prototype and of two additional series.

Project characteristics
  • Installation on the CEA CESTA LMJ site
  • Specific skills required in the fields of:
    • High-precision mechanical engineering.
    • Nuclear facilities (double groove system, transfer box, negative pressure, etc.).
    • Primary/secondary void.
    • Transfer box.
    • Careful positioning (to within one hundredth of a millimetre) via bipods.
    • Supervision and control/monitoring.
    • Aluminium sheetwork.
    • ISO 8 compatibility.
    • Electromagnetic compatibility