Offshore industrial intakes & outfalls

Offshore industrial intakes & outfalls

Artelia also designs water intakes and outfalls for industrial and petrochemical complexes, thermal power plants and desalination plants.

Artelia has state-of-the-art design tools (3D models) that help to prevent the risks of saline and heated water recirculation. 

France | Martinique

The extension of this terminal, in conjunction with the project to increase the capacity of the Panama Canal, presents a complex challenge due to the seismic characteristics of the site.

France | Dunkirk
  • LNG import terminal designed for 10 million m3 of gas per year
  • Constraints linked with the existing situation and port operations
  • 450 m long LNG berth designed for 65 000 to 267 000 m3 LNG vessels (Qmax)
  • Reclaimed platform used for the LN