Environmental and social impact assessments

Environmental and social impact assessments

Artelia helps governments, developers and industrial firms in over 100 countries to conduct impact assessments, providing precise information on the environmental and social consequences of planned activities and taking suitable measures to promote sustainable development. 

The Group participates in projects of widely varying scopes and types, including linear infrastructure (roads, motorways, metro systems, BRTs, trams, etc.), major energy and port infrastructure, oil and gas exploration and production, mine development schemes, industrial extraction or production facilities and development programmes. It handles all environmental procedures, including carrying out initial consultations, field investigations, preparation of environmental impact assessment reports, preparing and implementing environmental and social management plans, obtaining declarations of public utility or environmental permits from national authorities or validation from funding bodies, followed by the application of environmental measures.

Mali | Kénié

ERANOVE SA was appointed “Selected Strategic Partner” in the context of the process to select the company holding the public service concession relating to designing, financing, building, operating and maintaining a hydropower scheme on the river Niger (the “Kénié Project”).

France | Martinique

The project concerns the creation of a new wind farm comprising an energy storage facility and seven wind turbines, located in the commune of Grand Rivière, in the north of Martinique (French West indies).