Environmental consultancy and compliance audits

Environmental consultancy and compliance audits

Environmental consultancy
Our multilingual, multicultural technical and environmental experts provide consultancy services geared to the needs of companies or government agencies, both on an ad-hoc basis and in the framework of longer-term partnership agreements. Services include organising environmental compliance training, arranging public consultation or development project presentation meetings, assisting with crisis management and helping to draw up environmental assessments and reports.

Infrastructure, industrial site and property portfolio managers are required to check regularly that their facilities remain compliant with changing regulations and their own internal policies and standards. Artelia performs assessments to pinpoint any compliance problems, weaknesses in management systems or areas exposed to risks, drawing on its expertise to audit the facilities in question, whether the requirements relate to air/water/soil pollution, waste, or social or organisational issues. These audits provide practical solutions for improving a site or facility's environmental management plan, ensuring compliance with regulations or reducing its environmental footprint.

France | New Caledonia

The VALE NC nickel mine generates 5.4 million tonnes of wet tailings per year. The current storage basin, located behind a dam, does not have the capacity to store tailings beyond 2021. 

Algeria | El Milia (wilaya de Jijel)

Preparation of statutory environmental and safety studies required to obtain authorisation to exploit the new 1398.29 MW combined cycle power plant at Jijel (El Milia) in conformity with Algerian legislation: