New coastal highway

Environmental study
New coastal highway
Context & Issues

The operation concerns the construction of a new, safe road link between Saint-Denis and La Possession to replace the existing Coastal Highway (RN1), which is subjected to climate hazards (southerly and cyclonic swell) and physical hazards from the cliff (landslides and rockfalls).

The RN1 coast road, which was widened to become a dual carriageway in 1976, represents the only fast road link between the two main economic hubs on the island: Saint-Denis and Le Port. The 13-km long road between Saint-Denis and La Possession was inserted between the ocean and the cliff. Today, it carries between 50,000 and 60,000 vehicles per day, making it one of the busiest routes on the island. According to the Regional Development Plan (“SAR”), close to 60% of goods are transported via the current coast road.

Since the New Coastal Highway project is being financed by European funds and French subsidies, the Réunion Regional Council must strive to meet exemplarity targets in all fields, in particular by taking measures designed to avoid, reduce and, whenever possible, mitigate any significant negative project impacts on the environment or human health.

Project characteristics

New section of road measuring 12.5 km, of which 12 km are above the sea, consisting of:

  • a 6.3 km-long causeway,
  • a 5.65 km-long viaduct over the sea,
  • three interchanges: Saint-Denis, Grande Chaloupe, La Possession.