Floods and natural hazards

Floods and natural hazards

Artelia was a pioneer in the detailed mathematical modelling of floods in urban areas and has designed innumerable protection schemes. It has also specialised in assessing and reducing the vulnerability of public or private assets and implementing risk mitigation measures, concerning critically important urban areas and industrial sites in particular.
Artelia is frequently involved in the drawing up of flood risk assessments, prevention and disaster contingency plans and cost-benefit analyses of risk reduction measures. It also helps to set up flood warning, flood forecasting, alarm and crisis management systems as well as resilience measures in urban areas. Artelia is a major innovator in these fields.

Artelia has been accredited by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Transport to perform safety studies of hydraulic structures. This accreditation, to perform monitoring on embankments and dams, attests to the skills and dedication of the teams working daily alongside operators, especially on nearly 40 class A or B large dams owned by Electricité de France. Numerous hydrological and dam break wave studies have also been performed in order to prevent risks related to managing these major structures. 

France | Paris

On account of its economic weight, its dense network
of businesses and research centres and its appeal for tourists, Greater Paris is one of the world’s major metropolitan regions.

Oman | Sur

Sur, a city with a hot desert climate (on average 80 mm of rainfall per year), was severely damaged by two cyclones in 2007 and 2010, which produced rainfall in excess of 300 and 400 mm in the space of 24 hours.