Achères « Seine Aval » Waste Water Treatment Plant : Rebuilding of the inlet and distribution structures

Exceptional scale model with unusual large dimensions and numerous electronical equipement (measurement instrumentation and automatized control)
Achères « Seine Aval » Waste Water Treatment Plant: Rebuilding of the inlet and distribution structures
Context & Issues

The joint venture OTV / STEREAU / HYDRATEC / ARTELIA was commisioned by SIAAP for a « design and build » for the rebuilding of the biggest treatment plant in Europe, « Seine Aval » in Achères, west of Paris. The aim is to introduce a new primary decantation step with lift station between pretreatment and biological treatment.

HYDRATEC subcontracted ARTELIA for a hydraulic physical model study, from  the outlet of the pretreatment to the 4 pumping stations, in order to confirm/optimize the hydraulic design and to ensure proper and safe operation.


Aims of the physical scale model

  • Improvement of the hydraulic operation : headlosses, surface vortices, prerotation at the pump suction, transition between existing structures and project structures.
  • Operation of the emergency weirs (by-pass).
  • Study of the transient phenomena and surge analysis (in case of pumping station electrical disjunction).
Project characteristics
  • 30 sand traps outputs, 5 counting channels, 4 pumping stations and 2 emergency weirs
  • Large number of measuring devices : 11 electromagnetic flowmeters, 22 level sensors, gates position monitoring.
  • New control-command system : motorized gates and electronical monitoring
  • Spatial and temporal monitoring of the disjunction wave, in case of partial / general electrical shutdown.
  • Number of pumps: 16 volute pumps.
  • Nominal flow rate: 34 m3/s.
  • Pumps diameter: 700mm.


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