Maritime hydraulics laboratory

Maritime hydraulics laboratory

Artelia’s hydraulics laboratory, which is more than 11,000 m2 in surface area, has long experience of working on international projects. Wave flumes and tanks of various sizes equipped with sophisticated management and measuring systems are used for studying the hydro-sedimentary dynamics of coastal areas and estuaries (movable-bed scale models), the stability of maritime structures (breakwaters, quays), the dynamic interactions of fluids and structures, port access channels, shiphandling and ship behaviour at berth. 

France | Le Crotoy

Le Crotoy is subject to a significant and recurrent erosion dynamic which attacks the beach on the west side. It is also subject on its southern sector to the dynamics of marine submersion during high tides combined with storm conditions.

Tunisia | Korbous

The road works selected as part of the restoration and securing of the RR128 provide for the development of a maritime protection of the road section between Ain Octor and Korbous in order to fight against erosion caused by the attack of waves.