Sustainable development and climate change

Sustainable development and climate change

Sustainable development 
A network of “sustainable development” specialists provides clients and in-house teams with up-to-date information, advice and assistance during project management and engineering assignments. The network ensures that a genuine circular economy approach is adopted from the project feasibility study stage through to the commissioning of a building or infrastructure and, if possible, to its deconstruction.

Climate change
Artelia approaches climate change from two complementary angles: mitigation, by helping regional authorities and economic sectors to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and adaptation, by helping these same players assess their vulnerability to climate change and define suitable strategies.

Madagascar | Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Toliara and Antsirabe

Since it is exposed to cyclones, flooding and torrential rain, and with rapid urbanisation and growth of cultivated areas, Madagascar is the 7th most vulnerable country in the world to climate change (according to IRC 2019 – global index for climate-related risks).

France | Région Pays-de-la-Loire

Supporting the Region in the prefiguration of a "regional IPCC", a group made up of some twenty experts and scientists from the Loire region, whose mission is to deepen knowledge of the local impacts of climate change and to make proposals to improve the resilience of the territory: