Construction of the first pumped storage power station in the United Arab Emirates
Context & Issues

Located near the city of Hatta in the United Arab Emirates, the station will generate electricity by making use of the water stored in Hatta Dam. It will have a storage capacity of 1,500 MWh and a life span of 80 years. 

This pumped-storage hydroelectric power station is a testament to the importance DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) gives to innovation and developing new ideas to electricity generation and storage. The project indeed uses the latest and safest drilling technologies to fit Hatta’s geological features while following the highest international environmental standards.

Project characteristics
  • Pumped storage scheme (250 MW)
  • An upstream reservoir: capacity: 5.5 Mm3
  • A downstream reservoir: capacity: 6.5 Mm3
  • A water way comprises an upstream water intake, a 1250lm tunnel, a penstock and a downstream water intake
  • A power plant equipped with reversible pump turbine units, flow rate 200m3/s
  • Two 500 m-long access tunnels each with its requisite equipment
  • Compensation water transfer at a rate of 10,200m3/d comprising 3 pumping stations