Rural electrification using renewable energy solutions in the region of Sava

Hydropower schemes and power distribution networks
Hydropower schemes and power distribution networks
Context & Issues

This technical assistance forms part of a huge rural electrification programme implemented by ADER. In this precise case, SHER is assisting ADER with the implementation of three regional power distribution concession contracts in the region of Sava. The said projects must be performed in the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP). They concern 5 hydropower schemes with unit capacities ranging from 1 MW to 4 MW, for a total installed capacity of around 13 MW, as well as the associated transmission and distribution networks.

Project characteristics

Hydropower schemes:

  • Ambalamaheva: 4 MW, 245 m, 2.5 m³/s
  • Belaoko Lokoho: 3.8 MW, 35 m, 15 m³/s
  • Antsahabe: 2.5 MW, 33 m, 10 m³/s
  • Ampamokiana: 2 MW, 14 m, 22 m³/s
  • Ankitsika: 1 MW, 175 m, 0.8 m³/s