Marine energy

Marine energy

Artelia is a leader in port and maritime engineering, the coastal environment and marine energy. In particular, the Group assists offshore wind farm developers by providing its expertise with regard to the hydraulic, hydro-sedimentary and environmental impacts of the facilities, the maritime and navigation risks, and the hydrodynamic forces involved in designing the foundations and submerged structures.

Artelia is also closely involved in several projects aiming to make productive use of current energy (marine current turbines), ocean thermal energy (OTEC) and wave energy. Artelia has also developed skills and experience in the design and study of submarine cables and the associated landfall structures. 

Artelia is devoting significant resources to research and development in this field, which led to a patent for wave energy recovery being registered in 2010.

France | Saint-Nazaire

The sacrificial anode system is used to protect maritime infrastructure from corrosion. This technology is widely used to protect ports, offshore platforms and many ships.

France | Fécamp

The French transmission system operator RTE has commissioned Artelia to provide technical assistance with the grid connection of the future wind farm being built off the coast of Fécamp, one of the largest such projects in France.