Eni service stations

Engineering Design - Construction Management Services
Eni service stations
Context & Issues

In 2012, Eni signed the first contract with Artelia for Engineering Design and Construction management (new buildings, demolition and re-builds, major modifications, renovations, compliance up-grades) of its wide service stations network spread all over Italy. Today Artelia is close to its tenth year of cooperation with Eni, covering some regions in both the north and south of Italy and with some ongoing activities in France and Spain. 

Artelia Italy organization includes a central design team in Rome and local teams in Milan, Pescara, Florence, Naples and Bari. In addition, it relies on the cooperation with Headquarter in France and Spanish subsidiary. All projects are designed and delivered in compliance with the Eni technical standards (design technologies including BIM) and with the most updated health, safety, and environmental protection requirements. 

Project characteristics

Throughout the partnership with Eni, Artelia has shown its capacity of managing with the same level of efficiency, large engineering consultancy programmes simultaneously deployed in several regions. Its teams are continuously improving its methods and tools: 

  • Centralized and fully dedicated design team, using the most innovative design tools (including BIM).
  • Programme management web platform, for effective control of operational and administrative issues.
  • Well-coordinated construction management and cost control team. 

Health and Safety are keys values shared by Eni and Artelia. Cooperation on these issues has led to the development of a construction management toolkit for construction sites, and it is helping to achieve a high level of performance in this area.