“Pensi-Vele” flagship station goes beyond the concept of service

“Pensi-Vele” flagship station
Context & Issues

Artelia is a leading expert in fuel for mobility engineering, project management, construction management and facility management. The Group has proven its added value over the past 30 years in over 30 countries and 4 continents working on thousands of projects for the largest fuel retailer worldwide. With its Centre of Excellence in Fuels Innofuel, Artelia is at forefront of intelligence on fuelling products (standard petroleum fuels also including bio components, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, carbon free fuels such as electric vehicle chargers and hydrogen stations).

Project characteristics

Carried out by Artelia Innofuel, the concept of Q8’s new flagship station, a combination of iconic and innovative design in retail fuel sales domain, symbolizes Artelia’s expertise in fuel for mobility engineering, project management, construction management and facility management. 

This innovated project combines esthetical research and mastering of the materials and the technologies in order to promote the brand. Q8’s Paderno-Dugnano service station is one of the largest fuel point in Italy and provides a wide and various commercial offer.

Artelia Italia developed the concept and took charge of its different phases from design to operations management. BIM design, parametric software and tridimensional design were key tools in conceiving building, shapes and dimensioning the space. With a Middle Eastern inspiration, this modern construction is made of concrete and glass. Made of two canopies reproducing the distinctive icon of the Q8 brand, the freestanding structure, which weights is 30 Tons, is supported by a central pillar 1,3mt diameter.


Energy performance

Artelia has signed an Energy Performance Contract with Q8 for the supply, rental and maintenance of the main equipment serving the futuristic Paderno Dugnano station, in order to manage and control the energy performance of the systems keeping them at full efficiency over the years. This project meets the highest energy standards: the entire building is classified as a Near Zero Energy Building, in accordance with the European directive.

Particular attention was paid to limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2, designing HVAC systems with highest air changes standards.