Saint-Paul river basin

Plan de développement
Saint-Paul river basin
Context & Issues

Liberia chose to focus on renewable energy in its development plan for the Saint Paul River basin to strengthen its national electricity supply and contribute to the interconnected CLSG (Côte d’Ivoire-Liberia-Sierra Leone-Guinea) network. The hybrid project includes the creation of a 250 MW hydroelectric facility with storage capacity, expansion of the Mount Coffee facility to increase its total capacity to 122 MW, and the development of 90 MWp of solar potential at several sites including a floating solar park. 

The West African Power Pool (WAPP) retained Artelia to conduct technical-economic feasibility studies and environmental and social impact studies for the three components in this project. The hybrid solution prioritizes decarbonized energy, maximizes the potential of each development, and addresses the government’s energy challenges. The approach with impact studies from the upstream phases of technical design is another strong point contributing to the project’s sustainability.

Project characteristics
  • Creation of a 250 MW hydroelectric scheme with storage capacity.
  • Expansion of the generating capacity of the existing Mount Coffee plant to 122 MW.
  • Development of 90 MWp of solar potential across several sites, including a floating solar farm.