Recycling and recovery of solid waste

Recycling and recovery of solid waste

Artelia deploys proven know-how in this field to help clients select processes and implement the developments that most closely match their present and future needs (reduction at source, collection service, waste collection centres, sorting centres, waste-to-energy plants based on incineration and anaerobic digestion, composting, recycling, landfill, ultimate waste storage sites, etc.). As Artelia has found in numerous countries, controlling solid waste - the quantity and diversity of which is growing constantly - is inseparable from controlling waste water. It calls for a comprehensive approach to the questions of collection, sorting and recovery, and has to take into account a range of major institutional, economic and financial constraints.

Denmark | Copenhagen

The new Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant is an exceptional building by virtue of both its striking steel structure and an original approach to embedding the facility within the urban community.

Ethiopia | Addis Abeba

The municipality of Addis Ababa has made solid waste management one of its priorities.

Closing the existing dump site and replacing it with a new landfill site is an immediate priority.