Sustainable cities, integrated urban engineering

Sustainable cities, integrated urban engineering

The notion of sustainable cities is something new, a systemic, cross-disciplinary and multi-scale approach, a subject for reflection where society’s requirements and the state of the art are evolving. It is an attitude, a position, a new approach to urban development in which there are no ready-made solutions. Artelia assists project authorities responsible for urban and regional development by providing advice on sustainable development issues and oversees the corresponding measures in the framework of preliminary studies.
Artelia is developing many research projects on sustainable cities such as the sustainable development simulator (Santiago de Chile), static and dynamic traffic models, co-design and eco-design methods and processes, fun mobility solutions, the regional tourist economy, etc.

France | Angers (49)

The Angers Loire metropolitan area authority has enthusiastically embraced the smart city model with the aim of “optimising urban services by using technologies to generate savings for the community, while at the same time accelerating the ecological transition.” These savings and efficiencies ar

Chile | Santiago du Chili

The Santiago Deseado3D simulator, which was handed over to the Municipality of Santiago in June 2015, is a decision-support tool to aid the formulation of sustainable urban policies.

France | La Réunion

The TCO tropical island ecocity is the largest of 13 ecocities in France and the only one located overseas. The ecocity is a pioneer and demonstration of the 21st Century sustainable city. It represents not only the creation of a new city but also the renewal of established urban areas.

France | Paris

Right in the heart of Paris, the Halles complex redevelopment project is being carried out in a densely occupied, working urban site. As project manager, Artelia coordinated the construction of the canopy and part of the gardens.

France | Nice

Since 2012 Artelia has been assisting public development authority EPA Plaine du Var alongside architect and urban planner Christian Devillers with the design and construction of the Nice Méridia urban science park.