Tropical island ecocity

Tropical island ecocity
Context & Issues

The TCO tropical island ecocity is the largest of 13 ecocities in France and the only one located overseas. The ecocity is a pioneer and demonstration of the 21st Century sustainable city. It represents not only the creation of a new city but also the renewal of established urban areas. Artelia’s integrated urban engineering method will contribute to this project by optimising the necessary elements for way of life, time management and governance.

The ecocity is located on 5,000 ha of land. It has a double purpose: to create a new urban area that represents an both urban lifestyle and a very ambitious sustainable design, and to stress the importance of tourism and leisure functions and innovative transport management.  

Project characteristics
  • Pioneering project in terms of sustainable cities 
  • Surface area involved: 5,000 ha 
  • 35,000 homes
  • 50,000 trees planted