Urban development zones and eco-districts

Urban development zones and eco-districts

Urban planning has evolved considerably in recent decades, and numerous housing development concepts have been tested during this period. Artelia is highly experienced in the engineering aspects of urban development zones, housing schemes and new towns, and contributes to creating sustainable living environments that enhance the wellbeing of the inhabitants. It draws on its broad-based skills in urban development, environment and energy to design residential, recreational or commercial amenities that are pleasant, blend in with their surroundings, have minimal environmental impact and foster social integration.

France | Seine-Saint-Denis

The buildings will provide accommodation before being redeveloped into a permanent office campus of around 60,000 m². 

The project aims to achieve HQE certifications (high environmental quality).

France | Saint-Jeannet

The Coteaux du Var district of Saint-Jeannet, within the Eco-Vallée development area stretching north from Nice (S. France), lies on a 10-hectare site on a slope, making it difficult to develop.

France | Paris

The ZAC Clichy Batignolles is a 54-hectare eco-district. It includes the construction of 3,400 housing units, 140,000 m² of offices, 69,000 m² of shops, leisure, culture and public facilities.