Extension of metro line 2

(from Bougainville to Capitaine Gèze) and creation of Capitaine Gèze transport interchange
Extension of metro line 2
Context & Issues

The operation consists in improving access to the current terminus of line 2 in Bougainville, which is very hemmed in, thus making it possible to optimise the surface network while improving journey times on the transferred lines and shortening travel distances.

The north terminus of metro line 2 will be situated almost on top of the Zoccola depot and maintenance workshop, reusing and rehabilitating the existing landtake and infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

This consists mainly in transforming the present service tracks (on a viaduct) on the far side of the present Bougainville terminus into main tracks, and then in completely redeveloping the depot area (with main tracks passing through), constructing the new terminal station and, lastly, in the rear part of the station, developing manoeuvring and turning tracks about 80 m in length (with continued access to the depot and maintenance workshop, especially the train washing machine), by lengthening the existing turning tracks by about 40 metres.

Project characteristics

The new infrastructure, the systems and equipment to be deployed and the development works have the following aims:

  • Taking line 2 trains as far as Gèze station.
  • Optimising access to the Zoccola depot and maintenance workshop.
  • Accommodating two BRT lines, six standard urban bus lines and two interurban bus lines, with some passing through the interchange and others terminating there.
  • Creating a park-and-ride with approx. 600 spaces.
  • Providing clear, safe access to the metro station for pedestrians and cyclists entering it from the neighbourhood and the transport interchange.